When you hire us, we help you overcome the wedding planning woes by helping you take your dream and make it a reality, by helping you make the right choices about the right vendors, and by making sure your wedding flows flawlessly and the design turns out beautifully.

Here are the services we have to offer:

You Don’t Have to Drop the Ball Simply Because You’re Trying to Plan a Ball (of sorts)

If you want a luxurious wedding that’s professionally organized while still being able to focus on your career and your future husband during your engagement, then stay awhile longer…

Every year, we work with countless brides just like you. When the coffee is poured, nerves settle, and we sit down to talk deep about their wedding vision, their silent fears start to tumble out.

The All ReLEvents bride silently wonders:

“Will I spend a ton of money on my wedding only to have it be a disorganized event that no one enjoys?”

“Am I making the right decisions?”

“Am I going to pick design elements that look choppy?”

“Will I let my emotions get the best of me and make the people I love angry to the point that they stop speaking to me?”

And, if she’s not asking herself a million questions, she’s saying things like this:

“This is too stressful! There’s too much to do!”

“I have too much going on at work to work on my wedding.”

“I’m not sure how to pull this together.”

“My fiancé doesn’t understand what I’m going through.”

Plan a Luxurious Wedding, Honor Everyone Who Has Shaped Your Life, and Enjoy the Happiness of Your Engagement without Tossing and Turning Until 2 a.m.

We’ve created some wonderfully elegant floral arrangements for many of our clients and would be happy to do the same for you. Bringing your vision to life with some of the most gorgeous blooms is our joy.  Making sure you get the biggest impact and greatest value for your floral investment.

Floral Design

For the couple who will plan some aspects of their wedding, but wants a planner to assist with design and décor, vendor referrals, offer unlimited advice, and manage your wedding day, this package is for you. With this package, you’ll experience an extra helping hand throughout your planning process, so you don’t feel the complete weight of the planning load. We’ll partner with you along the way—and on your wedding day—so you can pour more of your time into work deadlines, working out, or walking hand-in-hand with your future husband.

Wedding Planning

For the couple who wants a professional planner to take them through the entire wedding planning process, create a full design and décor plan, assemble their team of vendors, consider their wedding budget, and manage their wedding day, this package is for you. With this package, you’ll free up your time and energy during your engagement to focus on what matters most and show up on your wedding day ready to have a good time and enjoy one of the best days of your life.

Full Service Planning & Design

Absolutely, let's do this

...or how to say “no” to people you love without hurting their feelings.
You don’t have to wonder how you’ll make your voice heard while still honoring those who’ve shaped you.

Sure, with your skill set and talents, you’ll figure out how to graciously have difficult conversations. You could put your head down and plow through planning and designing your wedding… but is that really how you want to spend your engagement?

There’s no question about whether you can do it yourself…

…And there’s no question about whether you’ll be able to “rally the troops” and get your family and friends to pitch in, but do you really want to do that?

You can do it all, but you don’t have to…

As we like to say: “self-sacrifice doesn’t have to be a part of your big day.”

You can make sacrifices every other day of the week and you can be one of the brides who get to experience their engagement rather than envy the day planning is over with.

Deep down want to hire a trusted designer who will take your dream concept and turn it into the wedding of your dreams
Long to devote more time to your faith or growing your relationship with your fiancé during your engagement
Want to say buh-bye to feeling like you have to be all DIY
Value the planning process and believe in investing in quality experiences
Don’t want to worry about the details on your wedding day
Want your family and friends to enjoy their experience at your wedding as guests
We’re gonna make a fabulous team.

Ready to reach out and see how we can high-five and conquer?

if you...

You don’t have to worry about what you don’t know 

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