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Our Tireless Team Strengthens Your Wedding Plan and Lifts You Up So You Maintain a Powerful Presence at Work and at Home
At All RelEvents, we get you. We understand what it’s like to be a career-driven woman, to be in love, and to want the wedding of your dreams. As a full service floral design and wedding planning firm in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond, we step fully into our role as designer and planner, so you don’t have to.

Our heart is to save your engagement and wedding day from overwhelm, arguments, and an underwhelming feeling of disappointment by offering you wedding management, and full service planning and floral design.

Meet Denise

Founder of All RelEvents and Protégé of World Renowned Event Designer and Wedding Planner Preston Bailey
Hey lovely lady—I’m Denise, a certified wedding planner and event designer who studied under the esteemed Preston Bailey, but I’m so much more than those titles…

At my core, I’m a girl who wants to champion for you so you make sound family and financial decisions and maintain control and presence during your engagement and wedding day. I want all of my brides to say that I gave my all to give them the wedding experience of their dreams and, as their planning partner, loved them beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Just like you do, we want your wedding to be a fun and engaging experience that reflects your vision, dreams, and family traditions. Our deep principles and values guide how we listen to you and approach your wedding planning.

Together, we can pull this thing off, so that everyone is telling you your wedding is the best one they’ve ever attended and the greatest celebration you’ve ever experienced.

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